Past Project References – Industrial & Factory

Past Project References Industrial & Factory 2014 Supply labour, material and equipment to carry out electrical works for Jack up leg facilities c/w MV and LV Central Hull Workshop Yamal LNG Project – HVAC 2015 M&E Ventilation Installation for Proposed docks, wharves, quay, piers & other ancillary works in New Shipyard (Phase 2) Proposed Docks, […]

Past Project References – Institution

Past Project References Institution 2017 Electrical Installation Works at Blk 17 Temasek Polytechnic 2018 A&A to Landscaping Works at Yunnan Garden, Nanyang Lake and Plaza Fronting Chinese Heritage Centre at Nanyang Technological University Project Gallery

Past Project References – Infrastructure

Past Project References Infrastructure 2014 Supply Material, Manpower & Tools for Electrical Works at T3 Changi Airport Server Room 2015 Contract 8380 – Procurement of Water handling equipment and Installation Works at all Circle Line Including Switchboard and Cabling (Phase 1) Supply Manpower, Material & Installation on CCTV Works at T4 Changi Airport Supply Materials […]

Past Project References – Building / Commercial

Past Project References Building / Commercial Year 2014 Electrical Services in Yishun Hospital Year 2015 Supply Manpower 7 tools for laying of H.T cable at Global Foundries In Woodlands Industrial Park D Year 2016 Supply, Install, Test & Commissioning of Proposed Security System Mechanical & Electrical Works for Multi-Purpose Building at Tuas South Boulevard Year […]

Current Project References

2019 – Current BUILDING / COMMERCIAL Proposed East Arrival Node Comprising 2 Nos of Single-Storey Commercial Blocks, 2 Basement Transportation Hub with Ancillary Facilities, 3-Storey Animal Holding and Breeding Facility with Nursery on Roof and 2 Nos of 2-Storey Indoor Attractions at Mandai Lake Road Proposed Erection of 5-Storey Hotel and Tree Houses Comprising of […]